Alpha Topical

Alpha Topical

$ 126 per 60 ml

This THC-rich hybrid is created by carefully hand-blending our Strawberry Short Cookies, Nuken and Super Sativa cannabis oils. Designed to be absorbed through the skin, it allows patients to experience the benefits of THC without any psychoactive effects.

23.2 mg/mL
0.1 mg/mL
Top 3 Terpenes

Laboratory Analysis

Potency Profile

  • delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol 23.2 mg/mL mg/mL thca mg/mL thc
  • Cannabidiol 0.1 mg/mL mg/mL cbda mg/mL cbd
  • Cannabichromene 0.4 mg/mL mg/mL cbca mg/mL cbc
  • Cannabigerol 1.2 mg/mL mg/mL cbga mg/mL cbg
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin 0.2 mg/mL mg/mL thcva mg/mL thcv
  • Terpenes 2.28 mg/mL

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