High CBG

Indica Dominant Hybrid
$ 110 per 30 ml
$ - per 60 ml

First developed for Canadian patients by WMMC, this Indica-dominant hybrid is rich in the non-psychoactive compound CBG and low in THC. Created by blending a range of strains to achieve a unique cannabinoid profile, it has a fresh, spicy scent with notes of cloves and basil and is designed for patients seeking lower psychoactivity.

9.7 mg/mL
0.0 mg/mL
Top 3 Terpenes

Laboratory Analysis

Potency Profile

  • delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol 9.7 mg/mL 0 mg/mL thca9.7 mg/mL thc
  • Cannabidiol 0.0 mg/mL 0.0 mg/mL cbda0.0 mg/mL cbd
  • Cannabichromene 0.0 mg/mL 0.0 mg/mL cbca0.0 mg/mL cbc
  • Cannabigerol 6.2 mg/mL 1.4 mg/mL cbga5.0 mg/mL cbg
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin 0.0 mg/mL 0.0 mg/mL thcva0.0 mg/mL thcv
  • Terpenes 0.45 mg/mL

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